In the arena of industrial machinery, the efficiency and reliability of gearboxes play a pivotal role. As industries evolve and demands grow, robust and high-performance gearboxes become paramount. This is where Beta Power Engineering steps in, supplying and distributing a comprehensive range of Hydro-mec gearboxes tailored to meet diverse industrial needs in the UK.

Hydro Mec

About Hydro-Mec

Founded in 1983, Hydro-Mec began its journey by manufacturing speed reducers for Var-Spe, a company within the group established by Mr. Speggiorin Sr. four decades ago. Hydro-Mec specialises in high-quality hydraulic components for speed variation.

Var-Spe quickly gained a reputation for its cutting-edge gearbox technology and commitment to quality. This legacy of excellence laid the foundation for Hydro-Mec, which emerged as a leader in the gearbox industry, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and durability.

Beta Power Engineering proudly carries forward this legacy, offering a range of Hydro-Mec gearboxes designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. Let’s take a closer look at some of the essential products offered by Beta Power Engineering:

Worm Gearboxes

Known for their simple design and high efficiency, worm gearboxes are ideal for applications requiring high torque and low speed. Beta Power Engineering offers a wide range of worm gearboxes, ensuring a perfect fit for every application.

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Inline Gearboxes

Engineered for precision and performance, inline gearboxes are ideal for applications where space is limited. Beta Power Engineering’s inline gearboxes are designed to deliver optimal performance in the most demanding environments.

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Helical Bevel Gearboxes

Combining helical gears’ efficiency with bevel gears’ versatility, helical bevel gearboxes offer superior performance and reliability. Beta Power Engineering provides a range of helical bevel gearboxes designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements.

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Shaft-mounted Gearboxes

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, shaft-mounted gearboxes are perfect for applications requiring high torque transmission. Beta Power Engineering’s shaft-mounted gearboxes are built to deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

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Italian Quality Engineered for Excellence

With Hydro-Mec products, quality is not just a promise; it’s a commitment to setting a new standard in modularity and endurance. These products are crafted by skilled technicians who take pride in producing top-quality speed reducers.
As a leading Hydro-Mec UK distributor, our extensive on-the-shelf stock caters to diverse needs and includes coaxial gearboxes in aluminium and cast iron, shaft-mounted gearboxes in aluminium and cast iron, helical bevel gearboxes in aluminium and cast iron, ratio multipliers, worm gearboxes, square worm gearboxes, and customised gearboxes.

We are a Specialist Hydro-Mec Distributor in the UK

All Hydro-Mec products are designed with your convenience in mind. Beta maintains a large stock on the shelf, ready to fulfil any last-minute orders, and the gearboxes’ modular design makes them easy to attach to ABB motors or other components. This, coupled with our highly effective logistical system, ensures streamlined delivered services for all of our clients, ensuring they get the highest standards of quality and efficiency. With Beta Power’s specialist expertise, fitting Hydro-Mec gearboxes to ABB motors is a seamless process when handled by our highly skilled technicians. Their knowledge ensures that the gearboxes are correctly matched and assembled, providing optimal performance and reliability for the customer.
If you prioritise excellence and reliability over low quality or low prices, Hydro-Mec is the brand for you. Our pledge to deliver superior products ensures that we are the choice for customers seeking nothing less. At Beta Power, we are dedicated to providing a competitive Hydro-Mec gearbox program that not only meets but anticipates the evolving needs of today’s market, ensuring that your specific requirements are always catered to.

Enhancing Efficiency: Beta Power - Your Hydro-Mec UK Supplier

What sets Beta Power Engineering apart as the premier supplier and distributor of Hydro-Mec gearboxes in the UK? The answer lies in our years of experience and tireless commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a team of experienced engineers and a comprehensive range of products, we are well-equipped to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Moreover, our partnership with Hydro-Mec ensures that our customers have access to the latest gearbox technology, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve.
When it comes to choosing a supplier for Hydro-Mec gearboxes in the UK, Beta Power Engineering stands out as the clear choice. Supplying Hydro-Mec products since December 2014, Beta Power is your trusted partner in enhancing industrial efficiency. With a legacy of excellence, a comprehensive product range, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are here for you. Get in touch with our team for expert support and advice about Hydro-Mec gearboxes.