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Don’t be fooled by other providers who claim to be ABB authorised distributors. We are an official value provider for ABB drives.

Micro Drives

The ABB micro drives offer reliability and performance that can be tuned to your business needs offering precise speed control and simple integration. These drives offer big features, in a compact package at the smaller end of the motor market. These drives are the perfect choice in mixing, conveying and fan applications.

General Purpose Drives

The general purpose range of drives from ABB improve process performance, increase productivity and ensure machine and personnel safety. The convenience and simplicity of this package ensures motor controls is provided rapidly straight out of the box. Primary settings and integrated macros are designed to make setting parameters and commissioning as simple as possible with just a few clicks. This general purpose offering covers a wide range of applications in numerous industries, for even more demanding applications, the all-compatible ACS880 range is there to help you.

Machinery Drives

The ABB ACS355 machinery drive is equipped with cutting-edge intelligence and safety capabilities. Off the shelf availability and quick to install the ACS355 is ideal for food and beverage, material handling, lifting, textile, printing, rubber and plastics, and woodworking applications. Built in features include Safe torque off function (SIL3), Sensorless vector control, built-in brake chopper and available in IP66 variant.

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Industrial Drives

The ACS880 is part of ABB’s all-compatible range of drives. It has been designed to offer the highest levels of performance and reliability in a package that has built in features that make drive configuration simple. This allows engineering time to be kept to a minimum and thus reducing commissioning costs. The ACS880 is available as a wall-mounted and cabinet-built drive that can be customised to your precise needs in industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, cement, mining. The ACS880 can also be supplied as a fully certified ATEX package with an ABB motor for use in such industries as chemical and food processing. This quality product features coated board and can be offered up to IP55 making the ACS880 suitable for harsh environments.

The ACS880 package can also communicate with all the major automation networks. It comes with Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and drive-to-drive communication link as standard. All the other major automation networks have plug-in connectivity adapters to enable communication.

Industry Specific Drives

ABB’s range of Industry Specific drives have built in expertise and tailor-made application software for indsutrries such as HVAC and water & wastewater. As with all drives in the ABB all-compatibile range reliability, energy efficiency and intelligent motor control all come as standard.

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