ABB Softstarters

An ABB softstarter is an electrical device that is installed between the main power source and the motor. Its main function is to protect the motor from electrical stresses, thereby increasing its lifespan. The softstarters come with multiple built-in motor protection features that ensure the safety of your motor. Additionally, its user-friendly design makes it easy to learn and set up.


Benefits & Features

– Secure Motor Reliability: You can increase the lifespan of your motor by protecting it from electrical stress. The starting currents can be easily adjusted to suit your load, application, and motor size. Over ten motor protection features are integrated that safeguard your motor from various load and network irregularities.

– Improve Installation Efficiency: Our Softstarters come with all the necessary features built-in, which saves your installation time and panel space. The compact design and numerous built-in features make it easy to install. The built-in bypass saves energy, space, and reduces heat generation, offering a comprehensive motor starting solution in a single unit.

– Increase Application Productivity: Our Softstarters do more than just start your motor application. They minimise production stops by reducing mechanical stress on your motor application, boosting uptime. Our softstarters come with torque control, pump cleaning, motor brake, and other features that enable you to operate your process at maximum potential.


PSTX Softstarters

The PSTX combines extensive research and product development with in-depth knowledge of application-specific requirements. It is the latest motor control and protection advancement, adding new functionality and increased reliability to any motor starting application.

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PSE Softstarters

The new-generation PSE is a versatile softstarter, striking the right balance between high starting capacity and cost efficiency. It now features built-in fieldbus communication.

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PSR Softstarters

The PSR softstarter is a simple yet reliable starting solution with basic soft start and stop features. It performs well in applications requiring frequent starts per hour and is ideal for installations where space-saving is crucial.

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PSRC Softstarters

ABB are well aware that one standard motor isn’t always best suited in every industry. With this in mind, they have a number of industry-specific offerings that ensure the right motor can be found for special applications and environments.

They offer Wimes compliant motors off the shelf for the water and wastewater market, a stainless steel range of washdown motors for the food and beverage industry and a fully certified range of marine motors.

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