We’ve had the best year in Beta Power’s history as we approach our 50th anniversary!We have expanded our team in various ways this year. Four new staff members have joined us, not to replace anyone, but to support our growth. 

Tom, a recent graduate, is overseeing everything with a marketing bias.  Jordan is the ‘Chief Operating Officer’(!) of the CNC Lathe. He’s been a great addition to the team handling more complex machining work. We have two new warehouse/delivery lads, Luke and Tommy; thanks to their contribution, our exceptional service levels have only gone up a notch; both are now fully trained and are only too happy to respond to out-of-hours callouts.

The whole team is committed to delivering a 24/7 service, and as the MD, I couldn’t ask for more. We have yet again achieved our targets with ABB on motors & continue to increase our stock levels on ABB motors, ABB drives and Hydro-Mec gearboxes in our warehouse in Stockport. 

2023 Infographic

Beta Power 2023 infographic

We remain 100% committed to ABB and Hydro-Mec, and the Hydro-Mec product range continues to evolve, which allows us to explore new avenues and expand our business. Paul has taken on the role of our gearbox guru, and it’s great to see him grow within the company; having been with us for over 16 years, any gearbox enquiries we receive are now directed to Paul. Will has also been with us for a similar amount of time, and his technical expertise on motors is second to none.

Wendy and Steve are actively out there; they work really well together. Wendy opens the doors and then drags Steve in when it starts getting technical! (Wendy won’t mind me saying that), if you ever need a visit, don’t hesitate to contact either of them.

What else?! We have updated our SAP system this year. We’re always trying to improve the way we work, so we’re constantly updating that, improving our efficiencies and techniques for our Team and also, of course, our customers.

To be fair, every angle of the business is going well! In terms of how we have achieved what we’ve achieved, obviously, it’s down to the Team. We are all pulling in the right direction.

Thank you to ABB and Hydro-Mec, our customers and my Team for a great 2023. Full steam ahead into 2024 and celebrating 50 years of Beta Power!

Andrew Brown, Managing Director